Letter to Riad Ishkontana

Dear Riad Ishkontana,  My name is Mikayla, and I am writing this letter to reach out to you throughout the national liberation struggle your people are going through. It is without a doubt that the acts of aggression are less than desirable. They are heartbreaking to outsiders looking in without having experienced living through thisContinue reading “Letter to Riad Ishkontana”

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Ideology

“Society is always composed of classes. Their basis may differ. An individual is always a member of a class whereas caste is an enclosed class. Caste system divides labourers, prevents one from cultivating one’s interests and hinders societal mobilization. Casteism, communalism and separatism have developed fissiparous tendencies among citizens. What can a government do when some religious beliefs permit inequality, unequal opportunity, stagnant economy and woman disempowerment and confinement to domestic work?” By Zeegyasa Kashyap

The Search for Safety at the U.S. Border

“Seeking asylum is well understood as a human right even during a pandemic as the Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” Individuals arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border have the correct to ask refuge without being criminalized, turned back to peril or isolated from their families. And that is precisely what thousands of individuals from Central America and beyond hope for to succeed as they undertake a risky journey to the United States southern border to ask for asylum.” By Hninn Thanlwin Thit

World Literacy Foundation Recognizes Lives For Literacy, Yasmin, Arman & Kelly, Canadian Ambassadors

Inspired by the program in 2020, Yasmin, Arman & Kelly serve as voices in their community and internationally as advocates for literacy, human rights, mental health and many more. They aspire to do their best for humanity by supporting the education of youth, and vulnerable children around the world.

International Women’s Day: Recognizing Kashmiri Women!

“Women of Kashmir have always dealt with a lot of hurdles in each circle of life. They were oppressed in their own family. Women in customary Kashmiri society were completely reliant upon the male individuals from their family, because of which they couldn’t build up their very own character, and their reliance brought down their status both socially and financially. Indeed, even women who had a place with the upper social class were not permitted to accomplish any expert work as it was viewed as underneath their high status. Now with the coming change, women in Kashmir have started to step out. Women have started to look for freedom and to break the shackles of universality, to expand their vision beyond the outskirts of patriarchy.” by Aasif Abdullah

The Successes and Setbacks of Black History Month

“For many, Black History Month provides a way to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black people in society. In schools, Black History Month also enables a way to learn about the lives of some of the most prominent Black figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Viola Desmond. However, in learning about this, it is important to remember how Black History Month serves to improve society and the challenges it faces on a regular basis.” By Soumyadip Sarker