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Lives For Literacy (L4L) was launched by Yasmin Farah Peer, a World Literacy Foundation Ambassador from Quebec, Canada in July of 2020. After noticing a lot of the issues within Canada and around the world during the pandemic stemming from illiteracy, she connected with fellow Ambassadors across the country and started a movement of students, youth and young professionals. L4L’s goal is to educate, advocate, and empower communities to eradicate illiteracy and to ensure everyone has access to education as a human right.

We aim to increase awareness of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals through advocacy, education and research. We also host a number of events, social media campaigns and activities to provide opportunities for youth to succeed within the classroom and beyond.

Additionally, our efforts extend towards all youth, but with an emphasis on BIPOC communities, LGBTQIA+ and Indigenous peoples as well as those from low-income families, and rural areas across the world.

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