A grass-roots movement dedicated to eradicating illiteracy, and raising awareness of the beauty of education. Primarily based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada,  Lives for Literacy members come from all regions of the world! We are leaders who have a strong dedication and commitment to changing the world!

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The Beginning of Lives For Literacy – Our Story!

“I was burning on the inside to do something bigger, something where I could create a large impact and thus was born, Lives For Literacy. Lives, because every life is important and in crafting this grass-roots movement, the aim is to empower humans in all corners of the world.” – Yasmin Farah Peer

What We Do

Advocate for our cause through infographics and advocacy toolkits on literacy, education and human rights.
Participate in multidisciplinary research of peer-reviewed articles and act as editors for the community of writers.
Create public educational pieces in the form of articles, blog posts, research reports and poetry on relevant topics.

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International Women’s Day: Recognizing Kashmiri Women!

“Women of Kashmir have always dealt with a lot of hurdles in each circle of life. They were oppressed in their own family. Women in customary Kashmiri society were completely reliant upon the male individuals from their family, because of which they couldn’t build up their very own character, and their reliance brought down their status both socially and financially. Indeed, even women who had a place with the upper social class were not permitted to accomplish any expert work as it was viewed as underneath their high status. Now with the coming change, women in Kashmir have started to step out. Women have started to look for freedom and to break the shackles of universality, to expand their vision beyond the outskirts of patriarchy.” by Aasif Abdullah

The Successes and Setbacks of Black History Month

“For many, Black History Month provides a way to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black people in society. In schools, Black History Month also enables a way to learn about the lives of some of the most prominent Black figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Viola Desmond. However, in learning about this, it is important to remember how Black History Month serves to improve society and the challenges it faces on a regular basis.” By Soumyadip Sarker

How Past Racism Against Indigenous Peoples Is Still Relevent

Indigenous Peoples have always been subjected to unjust oppression by our elected leaders in government; this is something that the people of Canada have voted for. Although Indigenous Peoples are the rightful owners of the land we live on in many parts of Canada, including but not limited to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, nearly all of British Columbia, and the Maritimes are still unceded – meaning that the land has been stolen from the indigenous Peoples without a treaty.

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