Why are education sectors in developing countries like Nepal lagging?

“The financial conditions of the families are limiting thousands of brilliant children from getting advanced education. Many children face language barriers; the curriculum taught to them isn’t in their mother tongue. This can be a problem particularly in the multi-lingual developing countries like Nepal where children from hundreds of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds have to learn additional languages the curriculum is based on –  primarily English or Nepali.” Written by Amrit Shakya

An Introduction to Braille

“Braille is a system that enables individuals to read and write through touch. Each letter of the English alphabet is represented by a unique dot configuration represented by the presence or absence of six dots, each approximately 1 mm in diameter, within a matrix of two columns and three rows, with 1.5 mm between the midpoints of each adjacent dot. These small patterns differ only by the presence or absence of dots, making braille alphabet learning difficult.” By Krisha Niroula

Salt Satyagraha

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has“ Margaret Mead, Anthropologist Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s Salt March is remembered as one of the most remarkable episodes of resistance in the twentieth century, a campaign that struck a powerful blow against BritishContinue reading “Salt Satyagraha”

Why hesitate when there is an aid?

Written by: Zeegyasa Kashyap Every medicine has some side effects. But it does not mean it is ineffective in curing the disease.  Vaccination journey starts from birth. A child is inoculated to build his/her immunity. Swelling, pain, fever etc. are all temporary effects.  The same is true about COVID-19 vaccines. Initially, one gets irritated. ButContinue reading “Why hesitate when there is an aid?”

Demise of Human Rights

Written by: Zeegyasa Kashyap Killing, bombing and eviction People are living in privation Of security, freedom and dignity In our close vicinity. Eleven was not a short duration. A life full of terror and affliction! With signals honking, children wailing, Elders mourning and constant depriving. What they wanted was their rights A peaceful life withoutContinue reading “Demise of Human Rights”