Demise of Human Rights

Written by: Zeegyasa Kashyap

Killing, bombing and eviction
People are living in privation
Of security, freedom and dignity
In our close vicinity. 
Eleven was not a short duration. 
A life full of terror and affliction! 
With signals honking, children wailing,
Elders mourning and constant depriving. 
What they wanted was their rights
A peaceful life without any fight,
Right to pray in Al Aqsa mosque, 
Right to travel without any force
No slavery, no arbitrary arrest
Right to work with enough rest
What they got was a disgrace! 
Rights were killed in occupational race! 
Civilians and their infrastructure were targeted
Target were the homes in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah
Who will pay for psychological impairment? 
Who will win amidst debarment?
None can bring back the martyrs.
None can change that horrible encounter.
But one can do a lot many things
Try to fulfill their emotional needs
Suppress Anti Semitic demonstration 
And urge for recognized demarcation.
Make this peace a permanent one
By treating all people as equal humans.

About the Author:

Zeegyasa Kashyap is a student of B.A. first year of Arya PG College, Panipat, India

Published by livesforliteracy

A non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that youth everywhere have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills that help them reach their full potential academically and economically.

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