Why hesitate when there is an aid?

Written by: Zeegyasa Kashyap

Every medicine has some side effects. But it does not mean it is ineffective in curing the disease.  Vaccination journey starts from birth. A child is inoculated to build his/her immunity. Swelling, pain, fever etc. are all temporary effects. 

The same is true about COVID-19 vaccines. Initially, one gets irritated. But later, the boosted immunity protects one and one’s community. Fear dominates mind in lack of knowledge. Beware of myths, prejudices and confusions. Concern a doctor, if necessary. Only collective efforts can beat the pandemic.

About the Author

Zeegyasa Kashyap is a student of B.A. first year of Arya PG College, Panipat, India

Published by livesforliteracy

A non-profit organization dedicated to eliminated illiteracy, and raising awareness of the beauty of education. Primarily based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lives for Literacy members come from all regions of the world! We are leaders who have a strong dedication and commitment to changing the world!

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