Plight of Palestine

Written by: Zeegyasa Kashyap

The ceasefire agreement came into effect on May 21st, after 11 days of Israeli attack starting from May 10. But, the future of Palestinians is not secure. The Israel-Palestine conflict is not a new one. It has a long history. Palestinians had suffered a lot for their sovereignty. Palestine is the worst victim of occupation. Its territories had been annexed by Britain, Egypt, Jordan and Israel from time to time. Arab-Israel conflict has given birth to the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

Occupied territories of Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem are confronting a major trauma from occupational crimes and human rights violation. Israeli airstrikes had resulted in widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure, homes, businesses, electricity grid, health centres, the central COVID-19 testing laboratory and refugee camps. One can’t go these places without making sure of the absence of unexploded devices. UN and other organizations can provide food and other facilities to the citizens. But what about emotional need? The attack has adversely affected the citizens psychologically. How can one remove fear from their hearts? Can anyone take place of those martyrs who gave their lives for better future, protested against anti Semitic demonstration and checkpoints of Israel and advocated for the rights of people?

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Every human has the right to life, liberty and security; right to freedom of movement, conscience and expression; right to rest, right to education and right to work. Are they applied in reality? Israeli blockades, checkpoints and restricting entry to Palestinians in Al Aqsa mosque violate right to freedom of movement, constant attacks for occupation create unrest, unemployment and illiteracy. One can’t progress in chaos and fear. Many schools of UN in Palestine have become refugee camps. 

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Israel and Hamas are hailing their flags of victory. Who can won at the cost of citizens? What will one do with the land having no citizen? Blocking borders at the name of peace and bombarding food tunnels can’t be the wise decisions. Israel has no authority to decide who and what enters and leaves the territories of Palestine. Forced eviction of Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan is illegal. Israeli settlements have created worldwide Semitic hatred. It should be remembered that no creed,  caste or religion is responsible for the plight. Jews and Muslims have the same rights. Actual culprits should be identified and punished accordingly. 

What about fate of Jerusalem? Will it remain divided as west and east? Will it become an independent state? What will happen to separation line? Will Jews settlers be removed? These questions need urgent solution.  Peace in Palestine is temporary. Demarcation of territories is necessary to prevent further conflicts, attacks and struggles.  


About the Author:

Zeegyasa Kashyap is a student of B.A. first year of Arya PG College, Panipat, India

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A non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that youth everywhere have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills that help them reach their full potential academically and economically.

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