Plight of Palestine

“Every human has the right to life, liberty and security; right to freedom of movement, conscience and expression; right to rest, right to education and right to work. Are they applied in reality? Israeli blockades, checkpoints and restricting entry to Palestinians in Al Aqsa mosque violate right to freedom of movement, constant attacks for occupation create unrest, unemployment and illiteracy. One can’t progress in chaos and fear. Many schools of UN in Palestine have become refugee camps.” By Zeegyasa Kashyap

Palestine: A Conflict that Spans a Century

“The UN suggested splitting Palestine into 2 parts – a section governed by the Arabic community and a section governed by the Jewish community. The state governed by the Jewish community claimed its independence, renaming itself as Israel. In the war that occurred in 1948 between the Arabic and Jewish populations, Israel ended up claiming 77% of the former land known as Palestine, leaving little for the Arabic population.” By Liliana Chow