World Literacy Foundation Recognizes Lives For Literacy, Yasmin, Arman & Kelly, Canadian Ambassadors

We are proud to have been internationally recognized by the World Literacy Foundation. Inspired by the program in 2020, Yasmin, Arman & Kelly serve as voices in their community and internationally as advocates for literacy, human rights, mental health and many more. They aspire to do their best for humanity by supporting the education of youth, and vulnerable children around the world. Through the program, they have felt motivated to their part and this experience has been so rewarding, particularly interacting with youth to effect change especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in joining Lives For Literacy, sign up now on our website!

Watch to Hear the Words of these Young Leaders in Canada

Published by livesforliteracy

A non-profit organization dedicated to eliminated illiteracy, and raising awareness of the beauty of education. Primarily based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lives for Literacy members come from all regions of the world! We are leaders who have a strong dedication and commitment to changing the world!

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