The Effect of COVID-19 on Children’s Health Leading to Increased Rates of Mortality

The pandemic has done more harm to everyone both old and young. But is nothing compares to how it has made children the biggest victims of circumstance.

Children in the poorest countries and in the most vulnerable situations are at the highest risk.

Studies have shown that approximately 150million children are living in multidimensional poverty.

Effects children face due to COVID-19

★ Reduced access to life-saving vaccines; hindering access to vaccines due to movement restrictions have put approximately 80million children under age 1 in nothing less than 68countries to miss out on life-saving vaccines because of the pandemic. It’s scarcely to say that, children are very much exposed to life-threatening diseases because of COVID-19 and as such increase the mortality rate.

★More children are suffering from malnourishment; Many parents have lost their jobs to COVID-19 and as such have limited access to funds and food. Children who obviously can’t fend for themselves but depend solely on their parents get to suffer more when the funds to feed are not available anymore. Causing them to feed on the deteriorating quality of diet. Restriction of movements gets to affect families in middle and low-income countries who don’t have access to quality foods in their homes and as such leading to an increase in mortality rate.

It is time for us as the international community to do more, if not for us atleast for the next generation of children.

Written By:

Ekuma Jennifer Ukamaka

About the Author

Ekuma Jennifer Ukamaka, is currently working with the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Student’s Public health team for two years now, they specialize in marking all world health diseases both communicable and non-communicable within and outside the University community and nation at large. This she does with her team by volunteering, organizing projects and leading initiatives for change. she has featured in nothing less than 12 health projects, her exceptional role during the World Hepatitis Day (2018), World Antimicrobial Resistance week (2019), World Tuberculosis Day(2020) and During the Pandemic, she held a Master class that cut across Africa having 12 countries in attendance with the theme( Unveiling the realistic impact of coping with COVID-19).

She is a 4th year pharmacy student in the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Her purpose-driven academic and social activities in school demonstrates her determination to contribute immensely towards a healthier and more sustainable society.

Beyond her remarkable interest in global health issues, she has unique leadership qualities. Her unparalleled decision making and critical thinking skills enables her steer her teammates effortlessly to achieve team goals. She craves excellence, teamwork and mutual progress and therefore inspires her team members accordingly.

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A non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that youth everywhere have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills that help them reach their full potential academically and economically.

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