Speaking Out Against Gender-Based Discrimination in Pakistan

When it comes to gender discrimination girls always face hurdles even in a normal aspect of life whether small activities of daily life or education. When we talk about education it is necessary for every single person whether a girl or a boy because a country’s prosperity and success is based upon both genders.

It’s said that when it comes to education then, age is just a number. Likewise, a GIRL is just a GENDER.

In Pakistan many NGOs are running to educate people and eradicate illiteracy. Even girls want to get an education in schools but because of the illiteracy continuing in their families and the lack of awareness of the beauty of education, girls are subject to rules forbidding them from learning what is not permissible for them. As such, many believe that education girls will ruin their character. For this reason, girls are forced to get married in their early teenage years and if they get pregnant they start a family. High number of girls are facing these domestic problems that refuse to let them learn or think outside of their household duties.

This remains a problem not only domestically but also within other aspects of life. Girls are facing harsh behaviours due to fees, problems of poverty and even the concern that they are not safe in front of male teachers. Besides this, in Pakistan corruption continues putting others as well as government funds towards boys education. With the support towards educating boys, girls are placed secondary with inadequate funds for girls education. This is a huge human rights violation and an injustice to girls not just in Pakistan, but everywhere.

Girls have same right to education as boys. Educated girls save lives, build families, communities and are able to help their husbands. This can prove productive to Pakistan and places elsewhere where gender discrimination continues to ruin the lives of millions of girls.

Written By:

Farva Nawaz

About the Author

Farva Nawaz is a final year Mbbs student from liaquat University of medical and health sciences jamshoro Pakistan. Last year she participated in the Aiesec Exchange program in Turkey where she received a gold medal. She is also an ambassador of global peace chain Pakistan, world youth parliament for children, a member of global citizen, a member of amnesty international human rights, and a coordinator of insaf doctor forum Sindh Pakistan.

Published by livesforliteracy

A non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that youth everywhere have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills that help them reach their full potential academically and economically.

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