Pandemic Goals

At this moment, millions of people are affected due to the virus may it be physically, mentally or financially. Many workers loss their jobs, some opt to stop studying for the mean time and some are less fortunate unable to afford the basic commodities. There are few who are lucky enough to have stock of food, a box of disinfectant or maybe some extra personal protective equipment.

Credits to PK Bazaar

They said these are the times where we are going to be tested when it comes to brotherhood whether you’re same ethnicity, nationality or beliefs. Our concern for one another despite of everything. You may be sitting at home having online classes or working remotely but the question is:

“ What are your pandemic goals? How can you be a part of the history? “

– Azra

It doesn’t have to be so hard to change the world. In fact there are many ways that you can do to help others. Right now many students are looking for laptop and tablets that are second hand or that are on sale and maybe you can donate and share your unused technological devices. Around this time, animal abuses are still ongoing, you may want to join the campaigns against these cruelty. If you have some hidden talents then its your time to shine. Teach the younger generation whether it’s cooking, baking or a free online class for school subjects. You can also host a donation drive in your community.

There are thousand ways to spend your time proactively and there are also thousands of excuses. You have the freewill to choose which side you’ll be. At the end of the day, as of now we are all going through something. We can choose to rise up altogether and give a helping hand. It is your choice what will be your pandemic goals. Just make sure that it creates an impact that will be of benefit.

Written by: Azra


About the Author

Azra is a scientist who’s in the field of nuclear and nanomedicine. A member of International Society of Environmental Relationship and Sustainability (ISERS). In her thesis work she pioneered on extracting nanoparticles that can be used against Dengue virus. As an aspiring change maker, her goals include using an environmental friendlier process such as a green method to combat climate change and its impacts. Ensuring sustainable production and consumption, it also prevents the inhalation of harmful and toxic chemicals which are detrimental to health. In addition to her primary job functions she has committed herself in fighting animal abuse and neglect. She gave up everything and started Kiseki No Ringo that aims to help the less fortunate ,women who were abused and animals who have been in any form of cruelty. Furthermore, it educates the young generation spreading knowledge on how to rescue and take care of the animals. She takes pride in working and providing a result that matches your values of life.

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A non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that youth everywhere have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills that help them reach their full potential academically and economically.

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