A Review of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

An extremely powerful story that will make you rethink your choices and decisions in life. It all starts with the professor who significantly speaks about the beauty of life. The passion of teaching and what it means to be a mentor. The words of wisdom that deeply affects the readers. The life advices that no one could ever give which comes with experiences and lessons that we can apply to ourselves. Its something that you will want to keep reading over and over again.

As others would say, “real learnings can’t be learned in the four corners of the classroom.”

In the story, all characters felt so real and Mitch is an exemplary model student. Mitch looking back to his professor is a proof that Morrie created an impact on Mitch’s life. Morrie treated him like a son and a dear friend. They had lectures where grading system or any exam papers were not included. Instead, the only requirement was to write a reflection paper which later on became a composition of this book. Every Tuesday they talked about different aspects of life. Unlike in schools, we are programmed to get good grades to be able to say that we have learned something. Here in this book, it shows that no grade can actually define your success. Morrie, has established the means of instilling the knowledge and being able to pass it on. He managed his time and made used of everything without idling himself although he was going through something on his own. It shows how we can be courages fighting our battles and still be able to uplift others.

They said everything happens for a reason, it’s like we are always destined for something and we will always find our way. There are many things to be learned by sitting in on his final class. From dealing with regrets to feeling sorry for yourself, death and more. Morrie emphasized the topic when it comes to material things and the meaning of owning less. This part is applicable to most of us since everything now are becoming so advance and we are all trying to measure one another with how much world things we have. After all, material possessions cant be replaced by family oriole ones. While reading this story you are going to keep asking yourself about your purpose in life. The best part from Morrie is:

“Devote yourself in creating something that gives you purpose and meaning,”

– Mitch Album

These are the words that struck a chord with me. Sometimes in life, we can be moving in different directions. Maybe far from what we had planned for ourselves. But that’s alright, life has its own way of teaching us where we should plant ourselves and grow endlessly. Its all a matter of how you can change someone’s life and how you can pass on the experiences that has cultivated you all through the years.

Written by,

Azra, Philiphines

About the Author

Azra is a scientist who’s in the field of nuclear and nanomedicine. A member of International Society of Environmental Relationship and Sustainability (ISERS). In her thesis work she pioneered on extracting nanoparticles that can be used against Dengue virus. As an aspiring change maker, her goals include using an environmental friendlier process such as a green method to combat climate change and its impacts. Ensuring sustainable production and consumption, it also prevents the inhalation of harmful and toxic chemicals which are detrimental to health. In addition to her primary job functions she has committed herself in fighting animal abuse and neglect. She gave up everything and started Kiseki No Ringo that aims to help the less fortunate, women who were abused and animals who have been in any form of cruelty. Furthermore, it educates the young generation spreading knowledge on how to rescue and take care of the animals. She takes pride in working and providing a result that matches your values of life.

Published by livesforliteracy

A non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that youth everywhere have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills that help them reach their full potential academically and economically.

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