How Past Racism Against Indigenous Peoples Is Still Relevent

Indigenous Peoples have always been subjected to unjust oppression by our elected leaders in government; this is something that the people of Canada have voted for. Although Indigenous Peoples are the rightful owners of the land we live on in many parts of Canada, including but not limited to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, nearly all of British Columbia, and the Maritimes are still unceded – meaning that the land has been stolen from the indigenous Peoples without a treaty.

Speaking Out Against Gender-Based Discrimination in Pakistan

When it comes to gender discrimination girls always face hurdles even in a normal aspect of life whether small activities of daily life or education. When we talk about education it is necessary for every single person whether a girl or a boy because a country’s prosperity and success is based upon both genders.

Human Rights Violations in China Against the Uyghur Muslims

For many years, China has been carrying out a cultural genocide. Describing exactly what this constitutes is hard as it is not the mass killing of people but an extermination of their ideas and beliefs. In the Uyghur camps, detainees are bombarded with language and traditions of the country’s majority, namely the Han Chinese. This is all in their efforts to assimilate Uyghur Muslims from existence along with their ideologies.